• Announcing the 2019 All-Star game

    Ladies and Gentlemen, announcing the event you’ve been waiting all year for! Come join 2,500 cranks at Memorial Park for the 2019 BAVBB All-Star game, to be held on July 4th at noon as part of the City of Albany’s Independence Day festival. Bring your children, families and loved ones to this amazing event and see some of the best vintage ballists the Bay Area has to offer! After the game, walk over to the July 4th festival where you will find food trucks, games, and activities for the kids. Don’t forget to sign up for the Beard and Mustache contest, which is sure to crown a vintage ballist champion! Come and cheer your favorite team while celebrating America’s birthday like its 1886! 

  • 2019 Season Update

    The following dispatch was received at B.A.V.B.B. headquarters one recent evening, hand delivered by a shadowy messenger who subsequently disappear'd with great haste, astride a penny-farthing, into a fog bank rapidly approaching from the west. — Melvin Spuggs, editor

    To the immediate attention of editor Spuggs:

    I hope to find you in both good health and fair spirits. I write to you today in response to your recent inquiry as to my impressions of the initial portion of this season's Bay Area Vintage Base Ball campaign. 

    As the league in question nears the midway point of the current season, it appears so top heavy that it threatens to topple over. Three of the 10 teams that make up the loop currently possess more than half the wins! Most notably, the defending champion San Francisco Pacifics squad has opened up the season like a young lion in spring, roaring off to a record -- six victories against nary a defeat -- that threatens to turn the West Division race into a runaway with the season not two months old.

    A groundswell of protest at their dominance early in this campaign has arisen, rallying beneath the slogan "hash tag break up the Pacs," though in truth I know neither what a "hash tag" is (could it be related to opium?) nor its significance in such a phrase.

    The Pacifics would be running away with the top of the consolidated league standings if not for the emergence of the Haywards Journals as another early contender. A quick perusal of their results thus far reveals that the Journals have scored more aces and allowed fewer (on a per game basis) than any other B.A.V.B.B. team thus far, on their way to a record of four victories against just one loss.

    The San Francisco Pelicans lurk just behind the Pacifics in their shared side of the league due in part to Mother Nature's caprice. Several rain outs have left them behind in the games played tally, and perhaps have also prevented last season's Golden Gate Cup prize winner from developing a rhythm apace with the league's other top teams. The stalwart Barbary Coast side stands just one half game behind, ready to pounce upon any stumble by the leaders.

    While the Haywards nine currently top the eastern circuit standings, they have not yet been able to pull away from their competitors, chiefly the Dublin Aces and the Oakland Colonels. The Aces stand just one game behind the Journals, racking up close wins while suffering lopsided defeats. Meanwhile, the Colonels are among the league leaders in both scoring and preventing runs, and thus a reasonable observer might expect their record (two wins against two losses) to improve in the weeks ahead.

    Last season's cellar dwellers, the San Francisco Sea Lions and the San Francisco Eagles, have shown marked improvement during the current effort. Each team has already surpassed its win total from last season with many games still to be played, and the latter side is right beside Barbary Coast in the standings.

    The Clarions of Berkeley and the Dukes of San Jose trail the pack in the east. Although Berkeley's record is defied by its presence in the upper half of the statistical columns, both teams might have conceded too much ground to their competitors in the early season to make a serious push for either championship game contention or advantageous position in the Golden Gate Cup tournament. Nevertheless, there remains much base ball yet ahead on the schedule.

    I remain as always, 
    your humble correspondent,

    Aloysius Malarkey
  • 2019 Season Preview

    As winter turns to spring and sunny skies push away the rain clouds (soon, we hope), the ballists of Bay Area Vintage Base Ball prepare to take the region’s diamonds by storm for the 2019 season.

    With opening weekend upon us, we sought to take the pulse of the league by looking back at the completed 2018 campaign — highlighted as it was with a regular-season championship for the San Francisco Pacifics and a Golden Gate Cup title for the San Francisco Pelicans — and ahead to the upcoming effort.

    We corresponded with managers and top ballists representing all 10 teams in the loop (one of which submitted an unsigned group reply), asking five questions of each regarding last season, how the incessant drumbeat of change has affected teams and league alike, and where things are headed in the near future for all.

    Several consistent themes emerged from the answers submitted: an appreciation of the parity and improving level of play in BAVBB; concern for the safety and well-being of the ballists who grace the fields of their respective cities; high hopes for positive results to come. Several longtime players have left the league for greener pastures, while an influx of new and hungry talent promises to maintain the hard-fought spirit of competition that is on full display on ball fields across the Bay Area every Sunday.

    The responses quoted below have been lightly edited for style and length.

    — Aloysius Malarkey
    Humble correspondent

    1. How would you assess your team's overall results in the 2018 season?

    Sarge, San Francisco Eagles: Last season was our first season as an official member of the league. We resurrected the oldest organized base ball team in the state of California, and for the first time in nearly 140 years, the Eagles played ball. The scores may not have been bright, but last season contained a lot of progress for us as a team. There was a lot of individual improvement for guys on the team, not to mention some truly wonderful memories from our first tour of the league.

    Pup, San Jose Dukes: The Dukes started the season on a positive note, taking some early games and staying hot through the season's first months. However, the Dukes ran into a tough schedule (both playoffs and vacation) to drop a number of late games, ultimately concluding in a hard-fought loss in the Golden Gate Cup playoffs. The Dukes showed some significant progress from just a year ago and look to continue the momentum in 2019's season.

    Barbary Coast: Underachievement. The Coast can take down anyone on any given Sunday. Some Sundays are no bueno; life presents challenges.

    Mule, Oakland Colonels: 2018 was a down year for the Colonels. We are going through some shift in team dynamics as a few starters were hurt or had family commitments that took them away from the field. This impacted how much time they could dedicate to games and practice. Additionally, as the most veteran team, we are looking for ways to get new players on the roster to shake up the lineup. Getting new players can be somewhat challenging as we do not have too much turnover on our team. Most Colonels are into double digits in years of service with the team. However, we were able to add three new players last year and saw some positive results. We are counting on these players to challenge the veterans for at bats and playing time.

    El Guapo, Dublin Aces: Overall, 2018 was a good season. I felt our team was loaded with strong position players from top to bottom. I can't say enough about the group of guys on this team. I honestly felt we had the best shot at winning it all, but unfortunately we ran out of steam at the end. Tough break …

    Nemo, Berkeley Clarions: The Clarions had a record season in 2018, attributed to great pitching and defense.

    Buttercup, San Francisco Pacifics: After battling through an up-and-down regular season, the Pacifics held on to narrowly win the West and prevailed in the league championship. Despite a notable increase in runs allowed per game, a championship season should always be measured as a success.

    Boxcar, San Francisco Pelicans: Ups and downs during the season, but got hot in the tournament and ultimately our best finish ever wining the Golden Gate Cup.

    Einstein, San Francisco Sea Lions: We only won two games total, so we can only improve from here!

    Hawk, Haywards Journals: 2018 was a down year for the J's after losing more games than the previous two seasons combined. Injuries were a major factor, having lost our No. 1 hurler and cleanup hitter for half the season.

    2. What was the most surprising, interesting or important thing that happened in BAVBB at large in 2018?

    Sarge, San Francisco Eagles: We had an incredible unique opportunity to bring vintage ball to San Quentin Prison. Interacting with the prisoners and sharing our version of the game with them spoke to the universality of the game that we love. We established what many of us hope will become an annual tradition, and I know that I'm hoping for a chance to go back!

    Pup, San Jose Dukes: The most important and significant thing that happened in 2018 was advancing discussions on player safety and looking to creative ways to keep the league original, unique, but also safe for all.

    Barbary Coast: Brew retired and that guy doing tightrope walking on the other field that one day, and that hawk that keeps an eye on us at Big Rec, swooping all around like he paid for the field. The San Quentin game was the most important and coolest thing that happened!

    Mule, Oakland Colonels: In my view, the most important thing to happen in BAVBB is the ongoing shift to being an adult baseball league instead of a true vintage league. We see this every year with the use or introduction of modern equipment to prevent injuries. If we would study the habits, structures and format of the 1886 game, velocity would diminish, a more complex and safer game would arise.

    El Guapo, Dublin Aces: Last season Tree was hit in the head and ended up with a concussion forcing him to miss quite a bit of time, which ended up with a lot of teams discussing the safety aspect of our game. Prior to this, I don't recall the league having anything significant happen that opened our eyes to injuries of this nature. I believe due to this injury in 2018, it's allowed us to bring in some sort of safety with the use of liners inside our hats and not lose part of the authenticity by having to use helmets.

    Nemo, Berkeley Clarions: The most interesting thing was how well matched most of the teams were. Virtually any team could beat any other team on any given day.

    Buttercup, San Francisco Pacifics: New clubs rise to success. Dublin winning the East, Berkeley tying for second best record in the league and Pelicans winning the Golden Gate Cup.

    Boxcar, San Francisco Pelicans: Overall level of play has continued to improve. Also I believe this was the first season in quite some time where the league had all games played and there were no games forfeited due to poor turnout and inability to get rescheduled.

    Einstein, San Francisco Sea Lions: Changes in the board structure.

    Hawk, Haywards Journals: 2018 was a great season for the BAVBB because the level of play has increased across the board. Fresh blood infused across the league improved pretenders into contenders in a very short time (Dukes, Aces, and Clarions).

    3. Are there any key additions or losses among your team's personnel for 2019?

    Sarge, San Francisco Eagles: Our shortstop and leadoff man, Wink, moved back to France. We have quite a few new ballplayers joining the Eagles this year. Although none of them will bring the same international talent that Wink did, they'll be great additions for us!

    Pup, San Jose Dukes: The Dukes will lose “Half Pint” coming into the 2019 season due to complications from his early-season finger injury. The Dukes are always on the prowl and will add a number of new faces heading into the season. All nicknames TBD!

    Barbary Coast: Toro is questionable and on the indeterminate DL, and morale is suffering as a consequence.

    Mule, Oakland Colonels: 2019 was the year we had two vets retire: Ben “Professor” Texara (SS, P, #2 hitter) and Kelly “Brew” Maughan (1B, RF, #7 hitter). Both these guys gave their hearts and souls to the team and will be remembered and revered for as long as the Colonels are in existence. Both gave over 10 years of service, winning two championships, and were part of the team that won the inaugural cup. Those guys were/are gamers and will be sorely missed. However, replacing them will be entrusted Rory “Fancy” Henderson (OF, #1 hitter), Patrick “Rosie” Fitzgerald (2B, #8 hitter), and Sontag “Rez” Woodson (Utility, #9 hitter). We look to increase their roles from their freshman year and make a lasting impact on the team in 2019. Additionally, we've welcomed Joseph “Oak” Khawaja (formerly known as “Tree” of the Sea Lions) to shore up the bench and provide some key innings as the year progresses.

    El Guapo, Dublin Aces: We lost Doc this season, unfortunately; he was our behind — a great player with amazing insight, considering how long he's been in the league. We hope to have him back in 2020. Returning is a former manager of the Aces and well-respected player throughout the league, Snakecharmer. I'm definitely excited for him to be back — his knowledge of the game will help our newer players tremendously. We also added a newcomer, Dylan, to the team. We're excited to see what he brings to the team this season.

    Nemo, Berkeley Clarions: We lost Blood to the East Coast; he was one of our strongest pitchers. We are working on a new pitching strategy this year with some new recruits.

    Buttercup, San Francisco Pacifics: Gent hung up his spikes and will be replaced by another Matt.

    Boxcar, San Francisco Pelicans: As is expected in San Francisco, we've had some key departures. Long-tenured sure-handed and fleet-footed outfielder Nate “Bean” Underwood has moved back east, and all-star pitcher/catcher Stephen “Deuce” Nemy has left to pursue his career in NYC. We've added utility man Paul Matthew to the squad.

    Einstein, San Francisco Sea Lions: We lost five players — four founding players, including our manager Naji “Skip” Ali. I’ve drafted four new players to try to replace them.

    Hawk, Haywards Journals: In 2019, the J's are saddened to see two-year player Adam “Patches” Pallin leave us for business opportunities across the continental US. 2019 will also see the emergence of two rookies that were added late last year: tall LHP “Train” and speedy infielder “Dusty.” With a full year of experience under their belt, they are destined to produce great numbers and improve team defense.

    4. What will be the most important factor in your team's success in 2019?

    Sarge, San Francisco Eagles: Keeping pace with the game. Innings and games can spin out of control in the blink of an eye in this league. Making sure that errors don't lead into more errors and bad innings don't carry over into the next inning will be huge for us.

    Pup, San Jose Dukes: Pitching. Pup's arm injury has left a number of innings for the rest of the Dukes to absorb. How the Dukes can creatively get through seven innings will determine their success this season.

    Barbary Coast: Everyone showing up, Towel taking up the behind (though JBW is Johnny Bench-like in his stalwartness; you know what I mean) and a clever combination of hurlers. We really need to show different looks and switch ’em up and make strikers look bad. But basically, pitching, defense, and offense. Also the league coming together to counter the Pacs “always run” statistically sound strategy. Either we all run, all the time, or we change the balk rule to make it easier to pick off pesky Pacs.

    Mule, Oakland Colonels: I think we have a very hungry, experienced team that can win the championship and the Cup. We need to continue to channel that hunger into personal and collective improvement. If we can stay focused and on course with what we've established over the last half of last year this could be a banner season for the Oakland Colonels.

    El Guapo, Dublin Aces: I'd say the most important factor for the our success this season is to continue to build the continuity of our team. We play loose, gel well together, and all have to same common goal: to play our best, minimize errors, capitalize on errors made by our opponents, and win the Cup!

    Nemo, Berkeley Clarions: We will need to increase our hitting to compensate for our loss of pitching.

    Buttercup, San Francisco Pacifics: Magically getting younger ;) Getting back to playing Pacifics defense, especially given the increase in talent across the board in the league.

    Boxcar, San Francisco Pelicans: Extending offensive innings and scoring more runs. Our defense and pitching should remain solid, we just need to plate some more runs.

    Einstein, San Francisco Sea Lions: Our ability to make the plays on “routine” fly balls and ground balls.

    Hawk, Haywards Journals: Health will be a major factor in 2019. Once one of the deepest pitching staffs over the years, last year saw the J's mid-pack in terms of ERA and runs allowed.

    5. What would you tell cranks to expect from your team's results in 2019?

    Sarge, San Francisco Eagles: Expect closer games and our first team win. We've got a full season of vintage ball under our belts, and between the new ballists that we've added and improvements from within, 2019 will be the most successful brand of Eagles base ball in the last 100 years!

    Pup, San Jose Dukes: The Dukes are loud and proud, and win or lose, cranks can rest assured they will always see a hard-fought game. You'll laugh, cry, and yell, but the Dukes will hit a little, field a little and hurl a little, and make a run at the East title.

    Barbary Coast: That we win games we show up for and lose games we sorta show up for, so we're a .500 team and maybe we'll do better this year. Y’never know, with the talent on our squad. It comes down to attitude and strategery. We need some of the latter nous gained by observing the master, Buttercup (and Toro).

    Mule, Oakland Colonels: To quote a favorite movie of mine, "Every newspaper in the country has picked us to finish dead last. But I'm for wasting sportswriters’ time, so let's go out there and give them a nice big shitburger to eat."

    El Guapo, Dublin Aces: We have some amazing cranks. The support they've given us truly shows at our games, whether at home or away. Over the past few years we've gained cranks who’ve read about us, passed through the park and stopped to watch, or brought out with a fellow crank. I'd have to tell them to expect us to give our best effort on game days and to mark their calendars in September to watch their beloved Dublin Aces play for the Golden Gate Cup!

    Nemo, Berkeley Clarions: Expect the Clarions to be very competitive this year.

    Buttercup, San Francisco Pacifics: The 2019 Pacifics should contend for the Western Division pennant, as well as league-wide silverware.

    Boxcar, San Francisco Pelicans: Expect to see guys having fun and playing good base ball. Win or lose, we'll be having a great afternoon hanging out with all the great guys in league.

    Einstein, San Francisco Sea Lions: Expect an improvement over last year.

    Hawk, Haywards Journals: Cranks should expect exciting baseball from the J's this year. We have won many a game in the last inning or extra innings, showing a never-give-up attitude and ability to close things out.

  • Ballists Break for Mother's Day

    San Francisco, May 12, 2018

    As the BAVBB takes a break to celebrate all the Mothers out there, we reflect on the first third of the season.  Despite Mother Nature calling in with a few rainouts to remind us that she, ultimately, tends the garden, she’s also handed us some excellent Sundays and we took full advantage.  Matches have been closely contested and we’ve seen walk-off victories and tense affairs decided by a single ace.  The BAVBB has achieved a remarkable level of parity in 2018 (1886 AD132).  No undefeated teams and anyone can beat anyone on any given Sunday.  Pitching and Defense beat Hitting; Hitting and Running beats Pitching.  Who’s to say? 

    The rise of the Berkeley Clarions and the Dublin Aces in the East is fresh and arresting; just as the three-way tie at the top of the West division between the SF Pelicans, the SF Barbary Coast, and the SF Pacifics is beguiling and compelling.  One cannot turn one’s back on this league.  The level of competition is such that the newer teams, the SF Eagles and the sophomore SF Sea Lions, present a challenge every time out; yet perhaps lack the finished edge the established teams have honed over the past decade.  In both divisions the race is on- the champion Hayward Journals will for sure not go gently and neither will the mighty Dukes of San Jose nor the former champions and Cup winners, the Oakland Colonels.

    Play resumes Sunday, May 20th.  San Francisco games will be played at Balboa Park owing to the Bay-to-Breakers “race;” check the schedule at to find your favorite team and come out to the yard and crank!


    Horatio Gord-Downie

  • Rain strikes

    March 3rd, 2018

    Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

    Ballists and Cranks will have to wait another week for the start of the Bay Area Vintage Base Ball Season.  A vicious Nor’wester, the first of 2018, has soaked fields across the Bay Area and rendered play difficult and impossible.  The outfield garden, however, will benefit and grow, and the poppies will blow, row on row, and ballists will take the field next Sunday, March 11.

    All to play for!

    Stormy Weathers

  • Haywards Win the Pennant; Golden Gate Cup All to Play For

    28 August 2017

    This season was the most closely contested season of Bay Area Vintage Base Ball.  The quality of play has been outstanding and the results nail-biting and fiercely challenged.  There were more one-run games, extra-innings games, and walk-offs than in any previous season.  Any team could have beat any team on any given Sunday, and that is what happened.

    Yet!  The Bay Area Vintage Base Ball regular season concluded this past weekend with the Hayward Journals taking the title, with Captains Jamie “Junior” Ramirez and Jose “Tomahawk” Corral leading the way.   The Haywards displayed consistency and discipline all season, and represented all the best of BAVBB: fundamentals of Base Ball- defense, hurling, and timely offense- and most importantly, the gentlemanly spirit of the BAVBB.  The Haywards earned their title.  What’s more, the Haywards fielded the first full-time female player, Andrea “Gopher” soon-to-be Morales, and what may be the first middle infield domestic partnership, along with All-Star Berto “Rocky” Morales, to turn a double play.  Huzzah to the Journals and credit to them for exemplifying everything for which the BAVBB stands.

    The San Francisco Pacifics were dethroned despite an excellent season.  The Pacs, led by Sage “Buttercup” Bray, finished a close second because of their rock-solid defense, hitting, hurling, and aggressive baserunning.  The Pacifics play Base Ball the right way.  They will challenge again for the title.

    The Berkeley Clarions finished third behind new father and the new leadership of Chase “Battery” Hoblitzell, the veteran Brad “Frenchy” Gallien, and a host of new and veteran players.  The Clarions hit, played excellent defense, and won ball games.  Congratulations to the Clarions for a fine season.

    Deep in the east bay, the Dublin Aces came off a slow start to muscle their way to a winning record and a fourth-place finish.  Led by captain Casey “Fingers” Hammonds, the Aces, in their black-and-gold uniforms and with their correct style of Ball, laid a marker for next year.

    The San Francisco Barbary Coast started the season strong but faded as summer wore on; behind captain Brody “Reverend” Romsey the Coasters managed to split with almost every team and finished with a clean .500 record.  The Coast looks strong heading into the Cup, so teams, beware!

    The San Francisco Pelicans finished strong, yet sixth. Injuries affected the squad, notably their excellent hurler “Gator;” but captain Matt “Boxcar” Rheinschild rallied the bats, gloves, and the men, and the Pelicans produced fine performances to put wins on the board.

    The San Jose Dukes started terribly but came on strong behind the leadership of George “Dipper Dan” Smith and the battery of Corey “Pup” Gazay (co-founder of the league) and Vinny “Uno” Pelligrini.  The Dukes are to be lauded for most distance traveled to play Base Ball and that is itself a form of victory, because any day playing Base Ball is a good day.  We look forward to seeing the Dukes in the Cup!

    The Oakland Colonels had their moments but the glory from 2015's Cup victory faded this season in the shadows of Mosswood and left the Colonels in seventh, despite the best efforts of veteran Captain Matt “Chops” Siee, Luis “Mule” Arguello, and Ben “Professor” Texara.  The Colonels are down but never out, so expect them to show in the Cup.

    In last place came the San Francisco Sea Lions, but there is a silver lining.  Naji “Skip” Ali brought in a few new players and the Sea Lions went from a team that everyone expected to beat to a team that can win on any given Sunday.  There are no bad teams in the BAVBB, and the Lions are on the up.  Watch out!

    The Bay Area Vintage Base Ball league is the best Base Ball happening in the Bay Area, and it’s only going to get more exciting as we play through the Golden Gate Cup and All-Star game.  Forget about these new-fangled modern teams- the best Ball you’ll see this summer is at Dublin Fallon Sports Grounds, September 10th, and Big Rec, Golden Gate Park, September 16th and 17th.  Come one, come all.  Choose a team and Crank your heart out if you love the game of Base Ball.  It’s free, it’s fun, and we play Base Ball as it was meant to be played.

    Yours in Faith,

    Albatross Jaxon

  • Base Ball Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This

    Grinder of the Pacifics made a unfathomable play to keep the Pacs ahead of the Haywards Journals.

    San Francisco Bay Area, 7 May, 2017

    The Bay Area Vintage Base Ball League has never been more exciting.  The last two weekends saw six of eight matches resolved by a single ace, two in extra innings.  The league has never been more competitive, nor more closely and evenly contested.

    On Sunday, April 30th, the San Francisco Sea Lions, in their second year, traveled to Mosswood Park in Oakland to take on the veteran Oakland Colonels.  The match required all of the Colonels’ experience and nous to defeat the fledgling Sea Lions by the razor-thin margin of 5-4.  It was an encouraging result for the Sea Lions, led by Naji “Skip” Ali, and a professional win for the Colonels, led by Matt “Chops” Siee.

    In the match of the weekend, between the two top teams of 2016, the San Francisco Pacifics rallied to defeat the Haywards Journals, 5-4, in a tense, tactical battle.  Both teams played exquisite defense behind excellent hurlers.  For the Journals, Berto “Rocky” Morales fired darts to the other half of his battery, Alex “Padre” Morales; whereas the Pacs were led by ace Eric “Jumbo” Petit.  The game was decided in the end by grit, determination, and as always, a bit of luck; Pacs’ outfielder and commissioner of the league, Matt “Ranger” Petty won man of the match for timely hits and gingers in the garden.

    Later that day, the San Francisco Barbary Coast eked past the San Francisco Pelicans, 4-3.  It was a tense affair, with runners thrown out at the plate and at every other base; fittingly the game was won with the home team Pelicans threatening with a man on third and two hands, only to have a trailing runner caught in a pickle between second and an occupied third, for the final out.  Base Ball is a game of fine margins and questionable decisions- inches, as they say.

    In the East Bay game of the day, the San Jose Dukes and captain Dan “Dipper” Smith visited their cousins, the Dublin Aces, and the home Aces came away with a hard-fought 9-7 victory, behind captain Casey “Fingers” Hammonds.

    Never had there been a weekend with slimmer margins of victory, until…the following Sunday, May 7th.

    In the East Bay, the Haywards Journals skimmed past the Oakland Colonels at Mosswood, winning by the slender margin of 8-7.  It was another battle of veteran minds, Jamie “Junior” Ramirez leading the Haywards, and Matt “Chops” Siee leading the Colonels.  It could not have been closer without ending in a draw.

    At Big Rec, the early game was a thirteen-inning thriller between the San Francisco Pacifics and the San Francisco Pelicans.  Both teams had chances to win but defense and close plays kept the teams neck-and-neck for the length of almost two complete games.  In the end, the Pelicans plated the winning run in what is now the longest game in BAVBB history.

    Solid defence has helped the Sea Lions close the margin of aces in their games. Einstein flashing the leather here. The league in general is playing the best defence we've seen in the league.

    The second game at Big Rec featured the San Jose Dukes visiting the San Francisco Sea Lions.  Despite acquiring veteran and all-star second baseman, Mike “Bearcat” Lewis, the Sea Lions were no match for the Dukes and their star hurler, veteran and co-founder of the league, Corey “Pup” Gazay.  The match finished 14-2, in favor of the Dukes.

    In the final match of the day, which lasted until sundown, the San Francisco Barbary Coast battled the Berkeley Clarions through 9 innings and finished with a walk-off by Greg “Sparks” Castro, starting hurler, to win 11-10.  And as excellent as were the hurlers, the true stars of the match were the Behinds- Wes “Dread Pirate” Goodman Levy for the Coast, and “Nemo” for the Clarions- both played all nine from the squat and both pegged out runners and had timely hits.  Matt “Milkman” Peterson and Dan-O “Small Plates” Owens had key RBIs for the Coast prior to Sparky’s walkoff two-RBI final nail in the coffin.

    Cranks, don’t miss another weekend of Bay Area Vintage Base Ball!  It is the best free show in town.  Guaranteed!

    No matches will be played this weekend out of deference to all the wonderful Mothers out there, but play will resume the weekend of May 21st, though not at Big Rec, owing to Bay-to-Breakers.  Stay tuned to the website for schedules and scores, pick a team to back, and come out to your local park and see why the BAVBB is the best show in town!

    Yours, in Faith,

    C. Emerson Winchester III

    Top: Carl officiated 29 innings of base ball on May 7th. The day ended with the Coasters defeating the Clarions in 9 innings.