• Q. Do you guys really play hard or is this just a re-enactment?

    A. It's both! All of our clubs play to win. We are lucky to have a great group of guys with ability who also understand what we are trying to do here. I would expect nothing less than 100% effort.
  • Q. How good do I have to be?

    A. We don't turn many people down. It's more about having fun, than winning a championship cup. All that we ask is that you are not a safety hazard, learn the rules, and promote vintage baseball. Some guys play on Adult softball teams as well, whereas many of us haven't played in a number of years. If you can catch a thrown ball from 3rd base to 1st and can swing a bat without hitting yourself in the noggin, you're ok in our book!
  • Q. What does it cost?

    A. $85 for registration. This includes liability insurance. The uniform is a one-time fee of about $140. Gloves are $30. BAVBB supplies bats ($60ea), bases($25), and balls($18). You may of course buy your own bats and balls, as many of our guys like to get their own reproduction 1880's style bat. If you buy your own bat and it breaks, BAVBB will replace it! Only BAVBB approved equipment will be allowed. Ask if you are not sure.
  • Q. Where do you play your games?

    A. We play where we have teams. Usually half in your city and half away.
  • Q. Can I form a team?

    A. Yes and no. If you can get together a group of players, we'll do our best to keep you together as a team. We try to spread out the talent and age evenly. Tell us what you have in mind and we'll let you know.
  • Q. What is the average age?

    A. We invite all players age 18-50 to participate. I'd say it is across the board from several in their 20's to a larger group in their early 40's and a few 50+.
  • Q. What if I don't want to play but I still want to be involved?

    A. You are more than welcome to come to our games and cheer us on. While we're on the subject, we need 1-2 more umpires. No age restriction and you get to run the game with an iron fist while decked out in top hat and tails. Check out the photos of our Chief Umpire Jim Saeger!
  • Q. When do you play?

    A. We expect to play 2-3 games per month depending on # of teams. Always on Sunday and usually at 10am or 1pm. We play 11-12 players deep, so it's important that you can make most of the games. Practice starts in January or February. Games start March 1st and will probably go to August 31st.