A gentlemanly league dedicated to 1886 rules, equipment and etiquette.


Welcome to Bay Area Vintage Base Ball

This year we are celebrating 15 years of vintage base ball in the Bay Area.  BAVBB plays by the rules of the Spalding 1886 rulebook and strives for historical accuracy. We are a California non-profit organization which has registered itself has an educational entity, and are always looking for ways to inform the public about the great history of base ball.  

BAVBB uses 12-member clubs to play 12-15 games a season in a fun, relaxed atmosphere where true grit is displayed and sportsmanship is the holy grail. Each team is outfitted in reproduction uniforms from the 1880's, and the equipment consists of reproduction balls, gloves, bases etc that are made to look, feel, and perform as they did when the game was still home-grown.  Please see the rest of the site for information on playing rules and difference between baseball now and "base ball" then. 

Interested in joining the league