• 2019 Season Update

    The following dispatch was received at B.A.V.B.B. headquarters one recent evening, hand delivered by a shadowy messenger who subsequently disappear'd with great haste, astride a penny-farthing, into a fog bank rapidly approaching from the west. — Melvin Spuggs, editor

    To the immediate attention of editor Spuggs:

    I hope to find you in both good health and fair spirits. I write to you today in response to your recent inquiry as to my impressions of the initial portion of this season's Bay Area Vintage Base Ball campaign. 

    As the league in question nears the midway point of the current season, it appears so top heavy that it threatens to topple over. Three of the 10 teams that make up the loop currently possess more than half the wins! Most notably, the defending champion San Francisco Pacifics squad has opened up the season like a young lion in spring, roaring off to a record -- six victories against nary a defeat -- that threatens to turn the West Division race into a runaway with the season not two months old.

    A groundswell of protest at their dominance early in this campaign has arisen, rallying beneath the slogan "hash tag break up the Pacs," though in truth I know neither what a "hash tag" is (could it be related to opium?) nor its significance in such a phrase.

    The Pacifics would be running away with the top of the consolidated league standings if not for the emergence of the Haywards Journals as another early contender. A quick perusal of their results thus far reveals that the Journals have scored more aces and allowed fewer (on a per game basis) than any other B.A.V.B.B. team thus far, on their way to a record of four victories against just one loss.

    The San Francisco Pelicans lurk just behind the Pacifics in their shared side of the league due in part to Mother Nature's caprice. Several rain outs have left them behind in the games played tally, and perhaps have also prevented last season's Golden Gate Cup prize winner from developing a rhythm apace with the league's other top teams. The stalwart Barbary Coast side stands just one half game behind, ready to pounce upon any stumble by the leaders.

    While the Haywards nine currently top the eastern circuit standings, they have not yet been able to pull away from their competitors, chiefly the Dublin Aces and the Oakland Colonels. The Aces stand just one game behind the Journals, racking up close wins while suffering lopsided defeats. Meanwhile, the Colonels are among the league leaders in both scoring and preventing runs, and thus a reasonable observer might expect their record (two wins against two losses) to improve in the weeks ahead.

    Last season's cellar dwellers, the San Francisco Sea Lions and the San Francisco Eagles, have shown marked improvement during the current effort. Each team has already surpassed its win total from last season with many games still to be played, and the latter side is right beside Barbary Coast in the standings.

    The Clarions of Berkeley and the Dukes of San Jose trail the pack in the east. Although Berkeley's record is defied by its presence in the upper half of the statistical columns, both teams might have conceded too much ground to their competitors in the early season to make a serious push for either championship game contention or advantageous position in the Golden Gate Cup tournament. Nevertheless, there remains much base ball yet ahead on the schedule.

    I remain as always, 
    your humble correspondent,

    Aloysius Malarkey