• Ballists Break for Mother's Day

    San Francisco, May 12, 2018

    As the BAVBB takes a break to celebrate all the Mothers out there, we reflect on the first third of the season.  Despite Mother Nature calling in with a few rainouts to remind us that she, ultimately, tends the garden, she’s also handed us some excellent Sundays and we took full advantage.  Matches have been closely contested and we’ve seen walk-off victories and tense affairs decided by a single ace.  The BAVBB has achieved a remarkable level of parity in 2018 (1886 AD132).  No undefeated teams and anyone can beat anyone on any given Sunday.  Pitching and Defense beat Hitting; Hitting and Running beats Pitching.  Who’s to say? 

    The rise of the Berkeley Clarions and the Dublin Aces in the East is fresh and arresting; just as the three-way tie at the top of the West division between the SF Pelicans, the SF Barbary Coast, and the SF Pacifics is beguiling and compelling.  One cannot turn one’s back on this league.  The level of competition is such that the newer teams, the SF Eagles and the sophomore SF Sea Lions, present a challenge every time out; yet perhaps lack the finished edge the established teams have honed over the past decade.  In both divisions the race is on- the champion Hayward Journals will for sure not go gently and neither will the mighty Dukes of San Jose nor the former champions and Cup winners, the Oakland Colonels.

    Play resumes Sunday, May 20th.  San Francisco games will be played at Balboa Park owing to the Bay-to-Breakers “race;” check the schedule at to find your favorite team and come out to the yard and crank!


    Horatio Gord-Downie