• Sea Lion welcome to BAVBB a Colonels ace parade

    April 3, 2016

    Mosswood Park, Oakland

    It was a bright and sunny day at Mosswood Park as the Oakland Colonels welcomed the newly formed San Francisco Sea Lions for their home opener. This day was indeed bright for the Colonels as they won their match by the inimitable tally, 0 - 31.The Colonels introduced the Sea Lions to the league in the top of the first, when, after a Sea Lion runner stole second, Ben “Professor” Texara and hurler Matt “Chops” Siee somehow made the ball disappear. The runner then unknowingly took his lead for an extra base and the Professor made the ball reappear to tag the runner, ending the scoring threat. The Colonels welcomed two new gentlemen to the shield this year and did they ever make their presence known! "Buc" collected his first hit and tended the garden like a hawk- calm, fluid, corralling every pill sent his way. “Boom" solidified not only his name but a place in Mosswood history, by striking a towering shot clear over the trees in left field that has yet to land. “Chops” threw five shutout innings and veteran Behind Luis “Mule” Argueta collected four foul outs on the day; Mule now has a tally of six of these most difficult plays over two games. Every Colonel collected a hit and touched home plate in a complete team effort for the victory. A great match for the reigning Golden Gate Cup Champions!The score does not reflect the great character and drive of the young and mighty San Francisco Sea Lions. They showed true grit and enthusiasm throughout the match, as they begin to learn the quirks and finesse of vintage Base Ball. Hats off to Naji “Skip" Ali for playing the Behind the entire game, making tough play after play.  The Sea Lions can take pride in their highlights: a stellar over-the-shoulder corral by their 3rd baseman, Kevin “Walrus” Snyder, and a handful of difficult catches by their outfielders. The Sea Lions will be a formidable team in the West and cannot be overlooked despite a dodgy start against a veteran squad. Huzzah the Colonels, the Sea Lions, and the BAVBB!

    Your Scribe,

    Normanly Longface