• BAVBB represents at St. Paddy's Day Parade

    The turn out wasn't great, but some quality guys (and gals) showed up to represent our league in front of a large and spirited crowd on Sunday in downtown San Francisco.

    Troup 79 set off at around noon, walking down 2nd St. towards Market. Dipper Dan and his wife led the Charge with their freshly sewn banner for the Dublin Aces (a fitting new city), along With Stallion, Ranger, Reverand, Milkman, Dread Pirate and Joe (who has yet to earn his nickname).

    The enthusiastic group played catch with the crowd, batted a few grounders and chanted some hearty Huzzahs.

    After making their way down Market to City Hall, they preformed a short re-inactment of game play as the announcer talked about the league.

    It was a fantastic day for the league, and we surely gained a few cranks out of it.

    Ballist should consider attending next year.

    How often do you get to play catch in the middle of Market St.?

    Flashing the leather.