Forms, Rules and Gear

  • Player Handbook

    Everything you need to know about playing in our league.


  • Bylaws

    What defines our organization.


  • 1886 Spalding Guide Rules

    These are the official rules from 1886.


  • Equipment

    J&H Bats are hand turned by BAVBB ballists Jaime "Junior" Ramirez and Jose "Hawk" Corral.

    Bulldog Bat Company makes two bat models approved for BAVBB play. Look for the BAV-S and the BAT-V. They also offer a fielding glove: that is league approved.

    The Vintage Base Ball Factory is our supplier of baseballs, but is also a great source for gloves and uniforms. Their bats are not league approved.

    K & P Weaver is a good source for uniforms. They sell a bunch of other interesting stuff as well, but the bats are not league approved. They do sell a league approved glove called the "1890 Full Finger Glove."

    Birdman Bats offer two approved models. Buyers should request simple finishes without metallic paints.